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Shattered like glass,
And broken inside.
Fallen to pieces,
With nowhere to hide.

Curled up in the dark,
No comfort in sight.
But then you came,
Pulled me into the light.

I thought I was alone,
That no-one understood.
Then you told me your story,
And I knew that you could.

I can be happy with you,
Like you told me.
Just like how you fought,
Just to be free.

You reached out your hand,
That hero was you.
You were so strong,
Yet once broken too.
You will always be my hero.
Baby, don't you worry about a thing.
All you have to do is listen to me sing.
I'll be here,
For you, my dear.
For ever and always.

Through all your mornings and your nights,
And in the dark, I'll be your light.
Don't you cry,
Just close your eyes.
I'll be here for you all your days.

No matter what you do,
I'll stay here with you.
I'll be here.
Written a while ago, dedicated to a someone who'll always be special to me.
Secret mystery,
Of my dreams.
You come to me,
And are not seen.

You wake beside me,
But are not there.
The face and smile,
On a wall so bare.

I wish to hold you,
And never let go.
For you are mine forever,
I hope to keep this so.

I wait to sleep,
But die to dream.
So soon you'll return,
And come to me.

You will hold me close,
And keep me still.
So tomorrow morning,
I'm still here.

In your arms,
For ever to be.
Is for now a dream,
But tomorrow reality.
Come true.
Written a while ago, dedicated to a someone who'll always be special to me.
You are with me now.
Safe from harm.
Worry not, my love.
You're in my arms.

In these arms,
You need not cry.
Lose your sadness.
Not one sad sigh.

None shall hurt you,
I am your shield.
In my arms,
Your life is sealed.

If you are weary,
Lay your head on my chest.
Forget all things bad,
And rest.

Fear not, cry not.
You will not be harmed.
You're safe from evil,
In my arms.
In my arms.
Written a while ago, dedicated to a someone who'll always be special to me.
A glistening tear,
Rolls down the cheek;
Eyes gleam, wet.
And knees shake, weak.

The softest sigh,
Warm on the face;
Safe, secure.
In deep embrace.

A perfect smile,
On lips that part;
Grow closer as,
Love grips the heart.

The tiny pulse,
That beats with thrill;
Goosebumps raise,
In tender chill.

  A single kiss;
  And time stands still.
A kiss.
Written a while ago, dedicated to a someone who'll always be special to me.

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