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An amazing young woman once told me that; she is the cloud on my sunny day.
I agreed with her.
She was a cloud on my sunny day, but she was my cloud.
The rain that came from her made my skin tingle, the sound of it warming my heart and soul.
She was what made my days sunny.
She disagreed.
But my love, without clouded days, there are no sunny days.

A perfect mature woman once told me; I am her light, in her world filled with darkness.
I disagreed with her.
She was the light in my world filled with shadows and demons.
She was the angel coming from the skies and making me feel alive.
Her words were heard by my ears, but the emotions behind it touched my heart.
As did all of her words.
She was my angel.
She saw herself as my darkness, as my demon.
She believed we could not be together, since I was light, and she was darkness.
But my sweet angel, one does not exist without the other.
Light needs darkness to exist.
And so does darkness need light to be.

A girl with a gentle heart once told me I’d find the right girl and I’d shine as her beautiful light.
I will tell her she is wrong.
That girl will never come, for she is already here.
I have found my place to shine.
And it is right by her side.
I will not shine for anyone else.
For she is my darkness.
My sweet, sweet darkness.
Without her, I am nothing.
She is the darkness that makes me shine so bright.
And I refuse to shine for anyone else.
Mindless writing.
But it turns out all of that was just a lie.
So here I am,
Sitting in the dark.
As I feel the alcohol,
Rush through my blood.

My eyes are red,
caused by tears,
I refuse to shed.

You were supposed,
To make me happy.
Instead you make me,
Feel so damn hurt.

I'm alone again.
You packed your things,
And took my happiness,
With you.
To where ever you are going.
That I need to be alone,
With my broken heart.

I need time,
To let it heal.
And to understand,
What's happening is real.
So. The girl that I wanted to marry just told me that we should stay friends.


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